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Spirit of the Sands: Musical Ambassadors to the World 


  • 1998: Canada 

  • 1999: Australia & New Zealand

  • 2000: Italy & France 

  • 2001: England

  • 2003: Denmark, Sweden, and Scotland

  • 2005: Australia & New Zealand

  • 2007: China 

  • 2009: South Africa 

  • 2011: Croatia & Slovenia 

  • 2012: Inaugural Parade for Barack Obama

  • 2015: China & Taiwan

  • 2017: England, Scotland, and Wales

  • 2019: Ireland

  • 2024: Spain

To learn more about our trip, click here.

Palm Springs' Own, On The Road Again!

For the 12th time, the Spirit of the Sands is touring internationally! In the Spring of 2024, the Palm Springs High School Spirit of the Sands will embark on a groundbreaking concert tour of Spain. During their week long trip, the band and jazz orchestra will perform 5 concerts- sharing with our international community the heart, soul, and sounds of Palm Springs. 


Help Us Get There!

The goal of the Spirit of the Sands remains steadfast and unchanging- to deliver the utmost in educational opportunities through access to high quality music education and exposure to international travel. It goes without saying that exposure to cultures outside the United States leads to a more globally connected, cultured population of future Coachella Valley movers, shakers, and leaders.  Over 1000 students have realized this goal in the 25 year history of concert tours, a fact that the band program is incredibly proud to boast. 

This year is different, though. The economic situation of a post-pandemic Coachella Valley leaves our families with less margin, deepening the divide between our students that ordinarily have access to opportunities like this, and those who do not. 

It is our feeling that no child should be denied access to opportunity due to financial burden. 

It is for that reason that we call on the community of Palm Springs to help get our members overseas. We are accomplishing this massive fundraising effort in multiple ways- please choose which way or ways you are most comfortable with. All donations are tax deductible and our band boosters' Tax ID number is: #33-0449517

City Center

How we are fundraising 

There are numerous ways to support the band, in big ways, and small. If you've seen us in the community, and would like to make a general donation that helps every student equally, please feel free to participate in a the following programs: 

  • GoFundMe

  • Program Sponsorship

  • Christmas Tree Sales (through November 13, 2023)

If you are interested in supporting specific band members' trip fees, consider donating through these programs:

  • Adopt-a-Musician

  • SnapRaise

  • Christmas Tree Sales (through November 13, 2023)

We are also continuing to fundraise through smaller scale events like concession fundraisers at our home football games, community performances, car washes, and catalog sales. Please visit our calendar to see where we'll be and what we are working on. 

Image by Sam Williams
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